The Devil's Chair

A psychology teacher takes a group of students to an abandoned asylum where they become the victims of their own experiment.

Written and Directed by Adam Mason. Starring Andrew Howard (Guy Ritchie's REVOLVER, THE LION IN WINTER, MR. IN-BETWEEN), Elize Du Toit (HOLLYOAKS), Matt Berry (THE MIGHTY BOOSH, GARTH MARENGHI'S DARKPLACE).




Urban Assault

In the city where image is everything, the criminal underworld holds a fight tournament where legends are born, and the men who own them rule the streets.

Starring Daz Crawford, Chyna McCoy, Paul Green

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The Stone Merchant

A couple find themselves caught up in a dangerous game when the wife has an affair with a handsome but deadly enemy spy.

Starring Harvey Keitel, Jane March, F. Murray Abraham, and Jordi Molla.

The story is based on the novel by Corrado Calabro entitled "Remember to Forget Her."



Night Junkies

Set in the winding streets and dark alleyways of riverside London, the story centres on an unusual couple, Ruby and Vincent. Ruby works as a lap dancer for an East-end outfit intent on promoting her as a call girl. Coming from a very dark past, Ruby has always had to battle the world. Vincent was 'turned' in a dark alleyway by a femme fatale, and after weeks of battling with his condition, he has now learnt to give in to his addiction: blood.


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Hope and her young daughter are abducted and brought to a remote forest by a mysterious and nameless man.  As Hope is forced to undergo a series of humiliating, violent, and degrading trials, she fights desperately to escape and discover the fate of her missing daughter.  Will Hope escape the clutches of evil or will be she be BROKEN?



Ten 'til Noon

A jet-lagged Larry Taylor awakens to find two strangers in his bedroom, and over the next ten minutes, will experience the most terrifying and possibly final moments of his life. But who these strangers are, and what they want, can only be determined by events occuring elsewhere and at the same time. We relive those same ten minutes through the eyes of those connected to what is not a simple home invasion, and with each person, find ourselves propelled closer to the truth.

Starring Alfonso Freeman (Shawshank Rededemption, Nurse Betty) and Jenya Lano (Stealing Candy).


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The Pleasure Drivers

In this crime-thriller, a vicious hit woman, a nymphomaniac call girl, an adulterous therapist, and a desperate kidnapper all find themselves on a collision course with each other in the underbelly of Los Angeles.

Directed by Andrzej Sekula, the cinematographer of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and director of Cube 2. Starring: Billy Zane, Angus MacFayden, Lauren Holly, Lacey Chabert and Meatloaf.


The Legend of Simon Conjurer

A mysterious college professor becomes the focus of a murderer investigation when he is framed by his rival, Dr. Crazx, a Pulitzer prize winning psychiatrist.


Baby Geniuses 3

The follow up to the incredibly successful Baby Geniuses 1 and 2.   After the babies complain about how the adults never let them do anything, they wake up to find themselves in a world turned upside down where the babies are in control and the parents need to be taken care of!  It is up to our team of baby geniuses to figure out how to get back home while they also learn a valuable lesson in the importance of family.


Dead Doll

When a frustrated sculptor strangles his girlfriend and crafts her body into a lifelike doll, from beyond the grave she plays upon the fantasies of others seducing everyone that crosses her path. The dead doll then lures them to their deaths as she travels from owner to owner leaving a path of blood and destruction in her wake. Not until she returns to the embrace of her original killer does the cycle of violence come to an end.


Deadly Chase

Driven to the brink, to the edge of insanity – a high price for Nick Callan and Tessa Hayes to pay for a simple practical joke.  The start of an idyllic holiday is shattered when Tessa takes Nick’s joke too far and accepts a ride from a stranger.  Luring him on, she dares Nick to chase and partake in the game.  Too late she finds out the driver has other games in mind for her, and she is no match for his addiction to thrills.  What follows is a psychological game of cat and mouse between Nick, the Driver, and his prisoner Tessa.  Imbalanced, manipulative, and charmingly psychotic, he leads Nick and the Dawson Creek locals on a merry dance of murder and intrigue.




The Eternal

An erotic thriller between a vampire, the woman he loves, and the women she must procure for him to survive.







The Whispering

An insurance investigator examining several recent cases of suicide discovers a demon influencing the deaths, but only he can see it.







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